Check out some projects I’ve worked on in UX, web design, and more.

UX Evaluations

Durham county library main brand

Durham County Libraries

Work in Progress: UX Research with Durham County Libraries

BeAM makerspace homepage


Evaluating UNC’s Makerspaces website

home healthcare devices

Healthcare Device Evaluations

Comparing usability of different healthcare devices

The Encrypted Web UX design

The Encrypted Web

Creating a user-friendly resource to learn about good cryptography

EarlySense Live UX evaluation

Early Sense Live

Improving the design of a home-healthcare sleep monitor

DMRF Canada ux evaluation


Cleaning up a medical non-profits navigation menu

Web Design

1789 website design

1789 Hub

Designing a new website for UNC’s hub for student innovation and entrepreneurship

ADECO website design


An environmental product site that flatters business partners and entices clients

Other Work

Aside from UX I’ve done projects in some other areas such as data visualizations and HCI and information systems research. You can also check out my GitHub for a few of my coding projects.


  • Visualizing Pitchfork Music Data: I’ve created several graphics using Tableau to visualize some interesting aspects of Pitchfork album reviews, including the way different genres are rated on average, to how musicians are connected via their record label, and a visualization of the text-mined review content for adjectives used to describe the music.
  • Cryptography Infographics: While working at StrongKey, aside from my main project working on the Encrypted Web, I also worked on designing some infographics to explain cryptography concepts. You can check out these infographics on: Authentication, Application Layer Encryption, and Digital Signatures.


  • Master’s Thesis in Public Library Accessibility: The focus on my master’s thesis is on the accessibility of public library websites and how it may relate to socioeconomic factors of the communities libraries service. A sample of 120 public libraries across the USA were analyzed with the help of a few tools, such as Deque’s Axe. The paper will be linked from here as soon as it is published.
  • Improving Oral Chemotherapy Workflows: A systems analysis project done with fellow students at UNC for a pharmacist at UNC’s Cancer hospital. The goal of this project was to find ways to better improve workflows for patients who cannot get their oral chemotherapy prescription from UNC hospital. The results of this project were presented in a poster by my colleague at the ASHP midyear clinical meeting in 2019.
  • Sensory Feedback and Movement on User Error Detection with a Touchscreen Mobile Device: An HCI research paper I worked on with fellow students in my senior year of my undergraduate degree. We explored how combinations of sensory feedback (audio, visual and haptic) may impact a user’s ability to detect whether they made an error while using a touchscreen device.
  • Modern Emergency Contact Methods: An HCI project where myself and fellow students developed a prototype of a system for contacting emergency medical services in the event that a user is alone and incapacitated. You can check out the system prototype, which was designed for a smart watch.