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Durham county library main brand
Durham county library main brand
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I was given the opportunity to work with Durham County Libraries (DCL) under the Library’s Webmaster to do UX research for their upcoming website redesign. This project is currently ongoing with Durham County Libraries, scheduled to complete by the end of April, 2020 along with the re-opening of the library’s main branch.* My role is this has largely been assisting with conducting usability research at various stages of the design, including various wireframe iterations, first-click testing, staging-site testing and testing accessibility on a nearly finished product.

*Note: due to the COVID-19 outbreak, progress on this project may be stalled as we’re determining new ways to conduct research as the libraries have closed. I will be updated this page as further progress is made towards the end of April.

Phase 1: Wireframe Testing

When I started working with DCL their Webmaster had already developed wireframes to test various aspect of the website. At this stage, I worked on modifying a moderator script, determining tasks to evaluate and developing post-task questionnaires. Once the research materials were prepared we visited each of the 5 library branches across Durham over the course of a few weeks to ask patrons to participate in testing. Each session at a branch was treated as an iteration in developing the wireframes, so small modifications to task descriptions, wireframes and other materials were made after each session to based on our post-session analysis. We had a total of 28 patrons participate in our 20-30 minute sessions across all libraries for this phase.

This page will be updated soon with more details on the project as more work is completed.